The Coalition of Jamaican Alumni Associations of Florida (CJAAF) Inc., a charitable organization, was founded in 2010 as an umbrella organization for Jamaican alumni associations in Florida.

It was created to assist in the dissemination of information about Jamaican alumni associations registered in the State of Florida and to help in the unification and streamlining of activities of these associations.

CJAAF Inc. keeps the Jamaican community in Florida informed about matters  related to education in Jamaica. It also serves as a central repository for information on Jamaican alumni associations in Florida. Like the associations that fall under its umbrella, CJAAF, Inc., is also dedicated to the improvement of educational opportunities for students in Jamaica as well as those that have migrated to the United States of America, and to the improvement of communities in Florida.


Aims & Objectives

  1. To be involved in, support, and promote community development in Florida and the United States;

  2. To provide financial and volunteer assistance to students and educational institutions in Jamaica and Florida, as well as students that have migrated to the United States of America;

  3. To keep the Jamaican Community informed about matters pertaining to Jamaican Alumni Associations in registered in Florida, and issues relevant to education and the communities in Florida and Jamaica;

  4. To serve as a central repository for information on Jamaican Alumni Associations in Florida;

  5. To help in the unification and streamlining of activities of Jamaican Alumni Associations in Florida, and to help publicize their events;

  6. To further by directed studies, research and publication, knowledge of Jamaican alumni associations, and to promote through seminars and general cooperation with other organizations or individuals similarly interested, the philosophies, attitudes and culture of Jamaica.

Useful Websites

Consulate General of Jamaica - Miami

Ministry of Education, Jamaica

To advertise or post information on this website call us at 954-510-6265 or send us an email at and


Prayer Line Support for Victims of COVID-19 (The Consulate General)

The Consulate General of Jamaica (Miami) has initiated a team of experts to assist with prayer, counselling and words of encouragement to help the community through the challenges of the coronavirus (COVID-19).


The team of volunteers include two pastors, a licensed psychologist and a life coach who will respond virtually by appointment, to the concerns of individuals. So far, the project has received support by those needing a ‘listening ear’ in our community.

The volunteers are:


CG Mair in expressing his gratitude to the team stated that he was led to this idea as the Consulate continues to reach out to those negatively impacted by the pandemic. While the Consulate staff has been working remotely with limited resources, the impact of calls for support continue to increase.  

The Consul General stated emphatically that this is merely a support group for persons to reach out during stressful times for informational support only, and this will be enhanced at the one on one meeting.


For further information interested persons may visit the Consulate’s website at

Co Chairs

Sandra Schrouder, PhD  & Rupert Rhodd, PhD

P.O. Box 970313

Coconut Creek, Florida 33097


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