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Need to get things done for your alma mater? See below.

How to register your "FOR PROFIT" association in the State of Florida

Step 1: Research Starting a Business

FYI: Getting Started with a Florida Business

Step 2: Identify Your Type of Business

Decide on a Corporate Structure

Step 3: Form Your Business

  1. Form a Profit or Non-Profit Corporation

  2. Form a Limited Liability Company 

  3. Form a Partnership

Step 4: Register Your Business Name (Optional)

How to register your "NON-PROFIT" association in the State of Florida

The link below takes you to the State of Florida webside that provides information on how to register your non-profit association

Please note the following:

  • The "Articles of Incorporation" is the most important document, and it should nclude additional items that specifically apply to your situation.

  • You should ask an attorney in your association for assistance.

  • Chapter 496, F.S., the Solicitation of Contributions Act, requires anyone who solicits donations from a location in Florida or from people in Florida to register with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) and to renew annually. To register online, please visit

Guidelines for Donating Educational Materials through National Education Trust (NET)


Use the link below to donate educational materials to schools in Jamaica.

Donation educational goods to schools and colleges in Jamaica

Need Some Items for your School or Community?


Use this link to tell us about it.

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